Building better communities one project at a time.

Our Clients


Small cities, towns, and villages are the heart of our rural communities.  However, due to their diffuse nature, they are often under-staffed or under-served.

Eleventh House provides access to funding sources, programs, and initiatives that strengthen the community, while allowing municipalities to stay focused.  


Local utility companies are the nerve-centers of rural communities and have unprecedented access to local residents and a mission to serve.

Eleventh House assists rural utilities by identifying and enacting programs and initiatives that raise the quality of life for those they serve.  



Non-profit leaders, staff, and volunteers are often stretched so thin by their work "in the trenches", that they may miss important opportunities for growth.  

Eleventh House identifies opportunities, efficiencies, and potential collaborations that may increase the efficacy of the organization dramatically.

Selected Past and Current Projects: