Community Leaders Secure $875,000 (and counting) in Funding for Weatherization and Repair Programs Across the Shore.


Utility bills are one of the highest expenses for low and moderate income (LMI) families, with over 10% of monthly household income spent on electricity alone!  
Eleventh House has facilitated the flow of over $875,000 in funding to the Eastern Shore to help LMI homeowners improve energy efficiency and lower their monthly utility bills.  It is estimated that for every $1 spent on weatherization, $1.80 is saved on utility costs therefore we estimate that $1.5 Million dollars will be saved as a result of these programs.  
The PowerUp Program - a partnership between Habitat for Humanity Choptank and Easton Utilities Commission to weatherize and repair homes in Talbot and Dorchester counties.   
The Chop-A-Watt Program - an initiative by Choptank Electric and numerous community partners to weatherize and repair homes in all nine counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.    

Eleventh House's Contribution:

  • Identified need
  • Found grant funding
  • Recruited community partners
  • Wrote, won, and administered grant
  • Solicited and qualified applicants
  • Produced verbiage and materials for marketing campaign
  • Managed contractors 
  • Maintained communication with applicants throughout the process
  • Acted as Project Manager
  • Completed grant paperwork including billing
  • Post-grant assessment of impact