Eleventh House Solutions houses a mosaic of talents and a constellation of efforts to build, strengthen, and sustain communities and their authenticity.

Eleventh House employs talented, passionate, and socially-conscious professionals driven to make the world a better place, one community project at a time.   Our company was created to house the burgeoning number of projects and people driven to create positive change within their communities.  

Our Mission is to channel the efforts and energy of the community to effect positive change and enhance quality of life. 

Help when (and only when) you need it


If your organization has a project or has identified a problem, yet is stretched too thin to enact a solution or learn the appropriate skill set needed to resolve it; Eleventh House can help. 

Eleventh House is a agency of talented, passionate professionals who share the vision of increasing the quality of life for rural communities. Our service categories include, but are not limited to: 

Eleventh House is able to tailor solutions specifically to the client's needs and provide professional services on a part-time and as-needed basis via the "Circuit Rider" Model.  

Additionally, the solutions envisioned often include funding that pays for our time, thereby increasing the value to clients by redirecting the cost to the programs. 


The inspiration for the name "Eleventh House" comes from two sources:


1.  The street address of our original home office was eleven.

 2. In some mystical traditions, the eleventh house is the house of community, humanitarian interests, and friends.   


Eleventh House provides services based on the Circuit Rider Model


Circuit Riders provides support to multiple communities that lack the experience, equipment, training, personnel, or resources to complete a project on their own.  With a Circuit Rider, a community is able to access professional help on a part-time and as-needed basis without incurring the considerable expense of an additional employee.  


Select Past and Current Clients

  • Urban Sustainability Network

  • The Door (Baltimore Urban Leadership Foundation)

  • Talbot County, MD

  • Habitat for Humanity Choptank

  • Choptank Electric Cooperative

  • American Microgrid Solutions

  • Town of Easton, MD

  • Easton Utilities Commission

  • Elm Street Development

  • YMCA of the Chesapeake

  • Upper Shore Aging, Inc.

  • St. Johns College

  • Easton Village & Gibson’s Grant

  • Laurie Forster – The Wine Coach & Standup Sommelier,

  • Susan G. Komen Foundation

  • MidShore Food System Coalition

  • Talbot Interfaith Shelter

  • Solar Energy Solutions

  • SVN Commercial Real Estate

  • The Bartlett Pear Inn

  • Chance and Associates

  • Eating Out Of The Box

  • BEAN – Coffee for a Cause,

  • Driving IR

  • R4A Video Productions

  • Beverly Rohman – The Learning Connection

  • Clow Electric

  • Peachtree Homes

  • Fox Hill Eventing

  • Blackbottom Farms

  • Nestcheck

  • Chance and Associates

  • Prettyman Construction Inc.

  • And many more ...


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company and what we do.  We recognize that your time is valuable and genuinely appreciate you spending some of it here with us.  

Thank you also for your good work; making the world a better place is a collaborative effort and we are deeply grateful for all you do. 

Please let us know how we at Eleventh House Solutions may enhance your efforts.

Warmest Regards, 
Neoma Rohman