Comprehensive Community Events Calendar for the Eastern Shore.


Many local businesses, municipalities, and community groups understand how frustrating it can be to try to schedule an event.  Double-booking, over-scheduling, no centralized location for community postings, events, and announcements.  In addition, there is often a paucity of searchable information available online to potential visitors looking for "things to do" on the Mid-Shore of Maryland.   
DelMarVa Events Calendar was created to provide a centralized hub of events to avoid these issues and increase the visibility of local events on the world wide web.  

Eleventh House's Contribution:

  • Identified need and envisioned the solution
  • Created the website template
  • Launched beta website for one county 
  • Compiled 200+  unique events a month
  • Collected 200+ events from myriad sources into a single comprehensive feed
  • Developed ability to cross-promote events across multiple county feeds
  • Developed a strategy for financial self-sufficiency
  • Made project available to county tourism boards, municipalities, and local organizations interested in promoting local events