Eleventh House Solutions provides services to clients on a part-time and as-needed basis.

We specialize in special projects management, administrative services, grant management, and program implementation.

Our mission is to effectively channel resources to enhance regional improvements and life quality for rural and under-served communities.

We do this by . . .

  • Creating programs that solve existing problems in an effective and often innovative way

  • Collecting market intelligence, minimizing local resource utilization, and managing processes for greater results

  • Developing tactics to address specific problems

  • Providing resources to execute on projects

  • Increasing budget capacity for customers 

Community-Driven Ethics, Professional Skill Sets, Organized Collaboration

Eleventh House Solutions houses a constellation of efforts to build, strengthen, and sustain communities and their authenticity. The company provides an umbrella organization (think agency or brokerage) to coordinate the work of talented, passionate, and socially-conscious professionals and make that level of expertise accessible to smaller, rural, and/or under-served populations via the Circuit Rider Model (see below).