Community-Driven Food System Improvement and Strategy


29% of Mid-Shore families live in poverty, 47% of K-12 students qualify for free/reduced lunches, and 12% of residents are food insecure (meaning they may not know from where their next meal is coming.)  
In response to these issues (and more), the Mid-Shore Food System Coalition (MSFSC) was formed.  The MSFSC is a strategic body that identifies, prioritizes, and coordinates food-system improvements in the 5-county Mid-Shore region of Maryland.  MSFSC seeks to support and strengthen the regional food system with positive outcomes for food security, regional agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

Eleventh House's Contribution:

  • Hosted dozens of community listening sessions, meetings, and/or strategic planning sessions
  • Recruited 1,000+ coalition members
  • Produced website, verbiage, and materials for communications campaign
  • Developed relationships with dozens of community change-makers, community leaders, and stakeholders 
  • Maintained communication with 2,000+ email participants
  • Facilitated collaboration between previously disparate groups working on similar issues