Help when (and only when) you need it


If your organization has a project or has identified a problem, yet is stretched too thin to enact a solution or learn the appropriate skill set needed to resolve it; Eleventh House can help. 

Eleventh House is a agency of talented, passionate professionals who share the vision of increasing the quality of life for rural communities. Our service categories include, but are not limited to: 

  • Grant Organization, Searching, Writing, Administration
  • Reduce Residential Energy Usage
  • Reduce Hunger and Food Insecurity
  • Reduce Municipal Utility Costs
  • Microgrids, Islanding, and Green Energy
  • Municipal "Green" Certifications
  • Community-Wide Coordination
  • Corporate Sustainability Initiatives
  • Community Organization and Education
  • Community and Utility Scale Resilience
  • Municipality-Led Community Action
  • Social Change via Community Art

Eleventh House is able to tailor solutions specifically to the client's needs and provide professional services on a part-time and as-needed basis via the "Circuit Rider" Model.  

Additionally, the solutions envisioned often include funding that pays for our time, thereby increasing the value to clients by redirecting the cost to the programs.